Full Day ICRA Training

Presented by The United Brotherhood of Carpenters Eastern District

Course Syllabus for Construction ICRA

Download PDF Syllabus: 2019_Syllabus for Construction ICRA

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Class length is approximately 8 hours.
UBC Eastern District will provide refreshments and lunch at the facility

Course Objectives:
The UBC Eastern District is proud to offer a class defining the unique relationship between infection
prevention and construction professionals as well as facilities and maintenance staff. Our goal is to
demonstrate the importance of education for both infection prevention and construction professionals
to ensure the best outcomes for patient safety. Also, the curriculum is structured to provide those in
attendance an awareness and a sense of engagement.

Course Topics:

  • Chain of infection
  • Construction and Facilities role in Infection Control
  • Procedures and Practices
  • ICRA Levels and their determination
  • The cost of infections
  • Communication
  • ICRA responsibilities
  • Consequences

Text and Required Supplies:
Provided by UBC Eastern District

Quizzes and Testing:
A short quiz will encourage competency and retention.


Contact Information: 
Ricky Okraszewski
(412) 292-3077
[email protected]