Kishor Khankari, Ph.D.
President at AnSight LLC | Fellow ASHRAE | CFD Expert Building HVAC and Data Centers

Dr. Khankari provides engineering solutions and insights through Physics based simulation and CFD analysis. Kishor has several years of experience in providing CFD consulting services which lead to optimized solutions to a wide variety of engineering problems involving fluid flow, heat transfer, mass transfer, and other similar engineering processes. He provided consulting services to reputed firms including Yahoo!, Facebook, Dell, Ford, GM, York International, GE, Pratt & Whitney, Cummins, Delphi, Cargill, Ralston Purina, Warner Lambert, Lockheed Martin.

Dr. Khankari has developed a patented technology of a wind band design of exhaust fan assembly systems. He has developed several easy-to-use analytical software tools, which are regularly used by design engineers in a variety companies including those in the critical facility and automotive industries.
A noted expert in CFD, he has been regularly publishing in several technical journals and trade magazines. Dr. Kishor Khankari is ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer and recipient of the ASHRAE Distinguished and Exceptional Service Awards.

• CFD analysis and optimization of building HVAC designs
• Displacement and UFAD HVAC Systems
• Active and passive chilled beams
• Radiant heating and cooling
• CFD analysis – patient rooms, isolation and operating rooms (OR)
• CFD analysis of Thermal Energy Storage (TES) tanks
• Data Centers – generator yards, rack level analysis, data hall design optimization
• Pharmaceutical cold rooms and clean rooms
• CFD analysis of laboratory airflow and fume hoods
• Engineered natural ventilation systems
• CFD analysis of atrium smoke exhaust
• CFD analysis of car parking garage
• External wind engineering – environmental plume dispersion analysis
• Heat exchanger analysis – evaporator core, plate heat exchangers, oil coolers
• Moving bed dryers and coolers, counterflow coolers
• Moisture migration through hygroscopic products