Mark Weir, PhD
Assistant Professor in Environmental Health Sciences at the College of Public Helath at The Ohio State University

Mark H. Weir Ph.D. is an Environmental Engineer with 13+ years of design and research experience. He has been a systems and risk modelling researcher for the past 10 years. He has developed his expertise in quantitative microbial risk assessment (QMRA) starting with his dissertation research that was seminal to the second generation of microbial dose response models. His post-doctoral research continued his expertise development in QMRA by specializing in systems modelling to expand on the accuracy of exposure modeling and predictive analytics. While at the Office of Groundwater and Drinking Water at the US Environmental Protection Agency, Dr. Weir engaged in regulatory language development and the research required for their development. Dr. Weir was Interim Division Director of Environmental Health in the College of Public Health at Temple University where he began the development of improved exposure modelling methodologies. This research has been continued at his current position as Assistant Professor of Environmental Health Sciences, College of Public Health, The Ohio State University (OSU). At OSU Dr. Weir is keenly interested in developing predictive analytics capabilities to QMRA modelling via predictive microbiology and smart modelling algorithms.