Molly M. Scanlon, Ph.D., FAIA, FACHA
Director of Research and Innovation at Phigenics

Dr. Scanlon is an Environmental and Occupational Health Scientist, as well as a licensed and certified Healthcare Architect currently working with Phigenics, an independent leader in water management programs, as the Director of Research and Innovation.  She has 25+ years of planning and design experience for healthcare settings to create environments benefiting the health, safety, and welfare of patients, nurses, physicians, and staff.  Dr. Scanlon’s research involves examining the built environment’s impact on human health with an emphasis on preventing waterborne diseases in building systems.  She recently contributed as an author and content developer for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC)’s Legionellosis Prevention and Response Online Training Grant.  Additionally, Dr. Scanlon is serving as:  an adjunct faculty member at the University of Arizona – College of Public Health; an appointed member of the American Institute of Architects Design and Health Leadership Group; a Fellow in the American Institute of Architects; and a Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Architects.